Carnegie Mellon University

IROS 2016

Airlab’s paper on improving existing simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms for low-texture environments got accepted in iROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robot and Systems) . Here is the link ...

Drones “The way of the Future”

Here are some of the images and videos of Airlab’s successful projects over last year. Do take a look :- 1) Mavscout Scanning 2) Drone avoiding obstacles at high speeds document.createElement('video'); ...

CMU corridor dataset

This is an image dataset (967 images) for corridor environments. All the images are annotated as ground or wall using polygons. It is a mixture of processed SUN RGBD (349, “corridor” ...
Screenshot 2015-07-15 21.14.47

FSR 2015

We presented 3 papers at FSR 2015 in Toronto FSR 2015. The papers can be found under Publications and on the conference website.