Workshop Tentative Program and Format


   9:00 am Welcome, overview, opening remarks
     Zohaib Mian (UTRC)
Session 1 :   Adaptive Motion Planning and Learning-based Approaches
   9:10 am     Talk 1: Multi-resolution and Sampling-based Motion Planning
         Speaker: Panagiotis Tsiotras (GaTech) [talk]
   9:50 am     Talk 2: Deep Learning for Robotic Manipulation
         Speaker: Mrinal Kalakrishnan (Google X)
   10:25 am Coffee Break # 1
   10:35 am     Talk 3: Adaptive Motion Planning and Safety Guarantees
         Speaker: Sebastian Scherer / Sanjiban Choudhury (CMU) [talk]
   11:10 am     Talk 4: Hierarchical Planning
         Speaker: Zohaib Mian (UTRC)
   11:50 am Panel 1: Friend or Foe? Model based vs. Machine Learning
         Panelists: Tsiotras, Kalakrishnan, Scherer, Mian
         Moderator: Andy Sparks (UTRC)
   12:25 pm Lunch Break
Session 2 : Competency Boundaries of Autonomous Systems and Knowledge-based Architecture
   1:25 pm     Talk 5: Machine Self-Confidence
         Speaker: Nisar Ahmed (CU – Boulder) [talk]
   2:05 pm     Talk 6: Collaborative Control
         Speaker: Behcet Açıkmeşe (UW) [talk]
   2:40 pm Break # 1
   2:50 pm     Talk 7: Knowledge-based Architecture
         Speaker: Alessandro Pinto (UTRC)
   3:30 pm     Talk 8: Sampling Based Motion Planning
         Speaker: Srikanth Saripalli / Sai Vemprala (TAMU) [talk]
   4:05 pm Coffee Break # 2
   4:15 pm Panel 2: Know thy-robot-self: Boundaries and Guarantees
         Panelists: Ahmed, Açıkmeşe, Pinto, Vemprala
         Moderator: Manfred Morari
   4:55 pm Lightning Talks
       Talk 1: Neuromorphic manipulation / Haptic feedback
         Speaker: Sunil Kukreja (UTRC) [pdf]
       Talk 2: Learning and Anticipating Human Motions for Collaborative Path Planning in Human-Robot Teams
         Speaker: Ashwin Dani (Univ. of Connecticut) [pdf]
       Talk 3: Complex Rotorcraft and Ground Robot Missions
         Speaker: Suresh Kannan (NodeIn Robotics) [pdf]
       Talk 4: Deep Flight: Autonomous Quadrotor Navigation with Deep Reinforcement Learning
   5:35 pm Wrap-Up / Closing Remarks
     Sebastian Scherer (CMU)
   5:45 pm Adjourn


Each panel session will include 4 speakers and a moderator. There will be some pre-prepared questions and some taken from the audience. The moderator will generally try to direct the questions to appropriate speakers.