Sebastian Scherer

Systems Scientist

Stephen Nuske

Senior Project Scientist

Graduate Students

Sanjiban Choudhury

PhD Student

Sankalp Arora

PhD Student

Daniel Maturana

PhD Student

Shichao Yang

PhD Student

Ji Zhang

PhD Student

Chen Ma

Masters Student

Interested in application of computer vision and machine learning, currently working on semantic segmentation for the outdoor environment automobile project.

Vishal Dugar

Masters Student

Currently working on autonomous micro aerial vehicles. Research Interests in Machine learning, Computer vision, Exploration planning, UAVs and UGVs.

Po-Wei Chou

Masters Student


Luke Yoder

Robotics Engineer

Silvio Maeta

Research Programmer/Analyst

Sezal Jain

Research Engineer

Geetesh Dubey

Research Associate

Wenfan Shi

Sr Res Programmer

Sanae Minick

Managing Editor/Admin Coordinator

Greg Armstrong

Senior Research Technician

Weikun Zhen

Research Associate

Brian MacAllister

Research Programmer/Analyst

Zhuhan Qiao

Research Associate

Abhishek Goudar


Undergraduate Students

Adit Namdev

Undergraduate student

Richard Lee

Undergraduate Student