Wire detection dataset

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Wire detection dataset

This dataset is part of the work done for the paper “Wire Detection using Synthetic Data and Dilated Convolutional Networks for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” puslished at IROS 2017. The authors of the paper are Ratnesh Madaan, Daniel Maturana, and Sebastian Scherer.


The dataset provides pixel labels for wires such as power lines.

A few samples from our synthetically generated dataset along with ground truth labels of wires.

Data Structure

The data samples are saved in individual folders. In each folder, we have the follwing files.

├── ground_truth_viz.png
├── labeled_ground_truth.png
├── labels.ground
└── original_image.png

The pixel values saved in labeled_ground_truth.png are defined as

  • 1: non-wire pixel.
  • 2: wire pixel.

The labels are visualized in ground_truth_viz.png as a black-and-white image. The labels.ground file is a text file showing the pixel coordinates of the end points of the individual lines.

Content of the labels.ground file.


The data can be downloaded directly from here.


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